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Rectifier Diode for Yamaha MAC Chargers - 3 Guys Golf Carts

Rectifier Diode for Yamaha MAC Chargers

SKU: MAC-M3998-00
Includes (1) Rectifier Diode for Yamaha MAC Chargers
Used is the battery charger assembly.
A rectifier diode is a semiconductor device that converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC).
Rectifier diodes are a vital component in power supplies. They are two-lead semiconductors that allow current to pass in only one direction.
In a circuit, current can only flow from the positive terminal of the diode and out of the negative terminal.
Genuine Yamaha OEM part number: MAC-M3998-00.
Instructions are NOT included. This is a rectifier diode for a charger.
It is important that the customer knows the year, make and model of the golf cart before purchasing this diode.
Professional installation is highly recommended. We do not offer technical support on items purchased.