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High Speed Magnet - 48 Volt IQ (IQ System ADC Motor) - 3 Guys Golf Carts

High Speed Magnet - 48 Volt IQ (IQ System ADC Motor)


High Speed half-pulse magnet. Gain higher speed by doubling the speed for each of the 4 speed settings. Run the full potential of your vehicle without having to worry about motor braking to slow you down. This magnet will fit, but will NOT work on vehicles equipped with the Excel system. Excel vehicles have serial number prefixes of PH, PJ, PU or PD.

This item is a performance upgrade item for a Club Car electric vehicle. By swapping your factory motor magnet for this one, you can gain higher speed at a very low price.
In 2002 Club Car came out with what they call the IQ system. It's a 48 Volt SepEx system, very similar to it's predecessor, the PowerDrive Plus vehicle. However, the IQ system had one big advantage. It's programmable. A scanner can be plugged into the IQ vehicle and different speed settings can be applied based on how the vehicle is intended to be used. 4 different speed options are available. They are as follows..

**  Speed Setting 1 = 8 MPH
**  Speed Setting 2 = 13.2 MPH
**  Speed Setting 3 = 14.8 MPH
**  Speed Setting 4 = 19.6 MPH

There is a sensor on the end of the motor that monitors Revolutions Per Minute (RPM).  Each of the 4 speed settings has a designated RPM that the controller has memorized. For instance, if a vehicle is set on speed setting 3, the controller will not, under any circumstances, allow the vehicle to run faster than 14.8 MPH. This is controlled via electronic motor braking. Speed setting 4 will allow you to run 19.6 MPH but there's a catch. By changing to speed setting 4, the ONLY thing you have done is changed the settings of the electronic rev limiter in the controller to allow for a higher rate of speed before it begins to slow itself.

This magnet is a half-pulse magnet. Once installed on your motor it will still communicate to the speed sensor exactly as the other magnet did, but only half as often. This means that you can mathematically double the speed for each of the 4 speed settings. Your new list of speed settings would look something like this based on RPM limits...

**  Speed Setting 1 = 16 MPH
**  Speed Setting 2 = 26.4 MPH
**  Speed Setting 3 = 29.6 MPH
**  Speed Setting 4 = 39.2MPH

This magnet won't give you a boost of power or torque it merely raises the electronic rev limiter so high that the vehicle will never reach it. In turn, you will be able to run the full potential of your vehicle and not have to worry about motor braking to slow you down. The regenerative motor braking becomes completely disabled when this magnet is installed and will allow you to free-wheel down hills much like the older vehicles did back in the 1990s that didn't have any speed restrictions.

If you can not feel the motor braking keeping your cart from exceeding it's maximum programmed speed, fix your cart before buying this magnet.

If you can't run maximum governed speed with a factory magnet, you definitely won't exceed that speed with this one until you fix the problem.

Real numbers:

For a Club Car 48 Volt vehicle with factory size 18" tires, a healthy battery pack, properly inflated tires, proper front end alignment, free spinning tires with no dragging brakes or worn hub bearings, you can expect speeds somewhere around 20-22MPH on level ground. Speed setting 2,3, & 4 will become virtually equal due to the fact that the RPM limit is far higher than the vehicle can reach due to power limitations.

FACT: This magnet is cheaper and will give you more of an increase in speed than the factory speed setting 4.
Installation is extremely easy.

Flip Tow/Run switch to TOW position. Disconnect the main positive and main negative battery cables.
Remove speed sensor from the end of the motor.
Remove magnet from the end of the motor. All you'll need is a small socket set or a short flat blade screwdriver.
Install new magnet exactly how the old one was removed.
Re-install speed sensor.
Re-attach battery cables and flip switch into the RUN position. You're done.

It may be hard to believe that there could be a difference in quality between one simple magnet and another. But there is, and here is why. The OEM magnet has 8 poles in it that emit pulses. All high speed magnets have 4 poles. A common practice in this industry is to physically break 4 of the poles off of the OEM magnet disc and epoxy it back together by placing in a template that is shaped like the magnet, fill it with epoxy and wait until it hardens. This works and the end result is a 4 pole magnet, but it introduces a strength issue.
The magnet in this listing will fit any Club Car vehicle with the IQ drive system that is equipped with an ADC motor. There were two motors available with the IQ system.

GE-  The GE is grey in color and uses a snap-in speed sensor.

ADC- The ADC motor uses a tall speed sensor shaped like a top-hat and is bolted onto the end of the motor. Also, on an ADC motor you will find  ADC in the serial number of the motor itself as well.

Please make sure to confirm that you have an IQ vehicle, as Excel vehicles were also equipped with the ADC motor.

How to tell if you've got the IQ system:
One easy way to tell is by looking at the motor controller. It will be a model number 1510-xxxx. The last 4 digits are not important, as long as you've got the 1510 you're good to go.

The serial number of the cart is another way that you can tell if you've got the IQ system. Any vehicle with a serial number prefix of AQ, CE, FD, HD, PE, or PQ indicates that the vehicle is equipped with the IQ system.

NOTE: This magnet will fit, but will NOT work on vehicles equipped with the Excel system. Excel vehicles have serial number prefixes of PH, PJ, PU or PD.