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Golf Cart Battery Hydrometer - 3 Guys Golf Carts

Golf Cart Battery Hydrometer

SKU: 120147-001
Includes (1) Golf Cart Battery Hydrometer.
Easily check your battery's condition with this compact hydrometer.
A hydrometer is used to determine the state of charge of each cell of a battery. The hydrometer will determine the cells specific gravity of electrolyte (its weight compared to water).
Should a reading occur in which the float does not float, you can assume that the cell is bad or that the battery has been fully discharged at the time of the reading. In this case, it may take several hours on a charger to reach the minimum specific gravity level of 1.160 (approximately 1/2 charged). Remember, the lower the float drops in the electrolyte, the lower its specific gravity, the lower the charge.