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Caliper Brake Kit for EZGO 1982+ GAS Golf Carts - 3 Guys Golf Carts

Caliper Brake Kit for EZGO 1982+ GAS Golf Carts

SKU: PK1998

You've upgraded your golf cart, now upgrade your brakes. Standard brakes can't handle the stopping demands of many upgraded golf carts

Includes (1) Caliper Brake Kit (both sides) for EZGO Gas Golf Carts 1982+ (4 Cycle only) This kit is specifically designed to work on NON-LIFTED EZGO gas golf carts or gas cart with 4" factory lift. 

.  20% more braking power to handle heavy loads, bigger wheels and higher speeds
.  45% more holding power to park heavier vehicles with bigger tires on steeper grades
.  33% longer lining life for fewer pad changes and less maintenance

This kit requires 10" wheels or larger to be installed on your cart. To have better brakes, it requires a more robust and thus larger system This kit will not fit inside an 8" wheel, there is simply not enough room. Please plan accordingly

Please Note: There may be a chance that your wheels will not fit over calipers. There is NO way for us to know that. These recommendations are from Ausco. The only option is a larger offset wheel.

Quick and easy to install. Easy replacement with no drilling, welding, or modifications. Just bolt to existing holes. Installs with only simple hand tools. Uses existing cable system. Open design allows easy visual inspection and pad changes

Gas carts have a larger spline(30 spline). Electric carts have a smaller spline(24 spline).  It is important that you know the size of the spline before purchasing this or any Ausco kit. Some electric carts may have the larger spline and gas carts could have the smaller spline. Please verify before ordering. We do not know what spline size you need, therefore, we send what you order

It is your responsibility to know the year, make, model and spline size of your cart before ordering.

Professional installation is highly recommended. We do NOT offer technical support.