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10" Flash Wheels & 22x11-10 All Terrain Golf Cart Tires- Set of 4

SKU: K2204

Make your golf cart stand out with this brand-new sharp set of Wheels & Tires

.  Includes (4) Glossy, 6-Double Spoke Wheels known as 'Flash' and 10" All Terrain Golf Cart Tires- mounted
.  22x11-10 Arisun All Terrain Tires mounted on 'Flash' Wheels
.  Set also includes (4) Center Caps and (16) metric or standard lug nuts compatible with your golf cart

Please let us know at time of check out what kind of golf cart you have so we can send the correct size lug nuts.  If you do not specify, standard will be sent

IMPORTANT!! - Always remove the dust covers before installing. The center caps serve as your dust covers
A lift kit or lift block may be required on your golf cart for this set of wheels & tires to prevent rubbing.